In the page I would like to list my pubblications and articles.

TitleShort descriptionTypeDatePublisherLink/file
An introduction to privacy (chapter of book on VisiOn H2020 project)Book
GDPR nei condomini: che cosa fare e come approcciarlo Article04/2019Cybersecurity360.itlink
Cyber security, sicurezza delle informazioni, protezione dati: ecco come adottare misure di sicurezza integrateArticle02/2019 link
Violazione dei dati personali: evento sporadico o quotidiano? Short article01/2019UNIDPOlink
Privacy by Design, a practical approach for the organizationsArticle09/2018Cybersecurity360.itlink
Hybrid cyber threat to humanity’s cultural heritage: risks and opportunitiesAbstract03/2017Tutto Ingegnerelink
How to protect the common heritage sites with limited impact in the surveillance? A dynamic and not invasive survellance system throught the use of drones and other tools from military knowledgeAbstract03/2017Tutto Ingegnerelink
The new European data protection framework: the GDPRArticle03/2017Quaderno – Magazine “IOROMA”link
Privacy Data Management and Awareness for Public Administrations: a Case Study from the Healthcare DomainPaper06/2016Annual Privacy Forum 2017file
Increasing use of drones: which effects on privacy and security of citizens?Article09/2016Safety & Securitylink
La sicurezza delle informazioni nell’era del digitale Article04/2014Rivista “IOROMA”link